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Let us captivate your company, organization or group with a variety of educational, yet entertaining nutrition topics.

We know how to capture an audience with fresh ideas and up-to-date information on health and nutrition trends. Bring your team to the table and let us give them the inside scoop on how to eat on the run, snack through the day or eat for peak performance. We can also customize our seminars to meet your specific needs.

Please see our most popular list of seminars below.

Seminar Series
  • How to Become a Better Fat Burner - Tips for fat loss and increased energy.
  • Fad Diets, Are They Bad Diets? - Get the skinny on the most popular diets.
  • Holiday Survival Guide - Nutrition tips to survive any holiday.
  • How to Be a Successful "Loser" - Tips from those who lose and keep the weight off
  • Fast Food and Restaurant Eating - How to eat out without doing your diet in.
  • Travel Nutrition - Just because you take off doesn't mean your weight should.
  • The D.A.S.H. Diet - Diet and high blood pressure details from the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension study.
  • Eating for Two - Nutrition tips for pregnancy.
  • The BONE (Boring Old Nutrition & Exercise) vs. the Zone - The facts behind weight loss.
  • Eating for Peak Performance - Learn about sports nutrition and eat like a champion.
  • Nutrition Myths and Misconceptions - You'll be surprised what you don't know.
  • Snack Attack - Tips for healthy munching.
  • Diabetes - Learn the nutrition "do's and dont's" of this ever prevalent condition.
  • Osteoporosis - diet tips for prevention and building stronger bones.
  • Menopause or Mental Pause? - Tips for handling this with grace and good nutrition.
  • Supermarket Smarts - Learn to read the food label and receive aisle-by-aisle advice.
  • Fat, Cholesterol and Heart Disease - Easy tips to lower your risk.
  • Cooking for the Health of It - How to cook low fat with high flavor.
  • Nutrition 101 - Learn about the Food Pyramid and basic nutrition guidelines.
  • Vegetarianism - Learn the "how" and "why" of going meatless.
For a list of clients we've provided seminars for, click here.

"Thank you so much for the spectacular presentation on Nutrition. The SRI employees were thrilled! They found you knowledgeable and entertaining. I look forward to having you in again."

- Tricia Zamora, Health/Fitness Program Director, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA

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