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Keep yourself moving down the right path with your own personal nutrition coach.

Similar to meeting with a Fitness Trainer, we can work with you on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you've completed the initial consultation, we can assess your day-to-day food choices and make suggestions for an improved diet. All you'll need to do is write down the details of your daily meals and snacks. Our feedback will offer ideas for changes in food choices or portions, meal and snack timing, calorie estimates and weekly averages, and nutrition goals for the week ahead.

Let Toni Bloom & Associates keep you on the right track.

"Toni has coached me for almost a year. Before I met her, nothing worked for me. Through weekly emails (and a few one-on-one sessions) that are cheerfully encouraging yet honest, she has helped me incorporate healthier and more stable eating habits into my lifestyle÷Toni has an uncanny knack for knowing when I need patience and when I need to be challenged. I recommend Toni's nutritional coaching to anyone who is serious about changing his or her lifestyle for good."

- D. Larson, Mountain View, CA

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